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Acquisition Criteria

Our Strategy
Lion Real Estate Group acquires multifamily communities in locations with strong population and employment growth built after 1970 with 250-500 multifamily units in our target markets with an investment size of $20+ million. Upon acquisition, Lion implements its comprehensive renovation program utilizing in-house construction and property management to capture market rents and drive strong cash flow to our investment partners.
Our Criteria

Target markets

Lion targets markets in the United States with positive employment, economic and population growth. Target markets include Denver, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham.





Acquisition Size


Our Markets


Our Team
Lion looks to deploy $100 million of equity in the next 12 months in our target markets. Our acquisitions team welcomes the opportunity to review potential multifamily investments (properties or portfolios) within our criteria. Opportunities may be submitted by email to the following contact(s).


Mory Barak
Co-Founder, Managing Principal

(310) 526-3103 ext. 201
[email protected]


Jeff Weller
Co-Founder, Managing Principal

(310) 526-3103 ext. 202
[email protected]