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Our Core Values


Our most important asset, and the source of our competitive advantage, is our partners/employees. Lion recruits the most qualified talent available in the industry and compensates according to or above the market. Our employees reflect loyalty, pride, confidentiality, and respect for the owners and investors of Lion Real Estate.


Lion is dedicated to continuous quality improvement in every aspect of our business. This includes using the highest quality finishes for both exterior and interior renovations, while maximizing returns on investment. Lion invests in only high-quality deals, which are defined by having the best investment returns.


Teams always out-perform individuals, so we encourage teamwork at every level in the organization. Our goal is to foster a working environment that allows our talent to perform at their best ability while showing respect and appreciation for each other.


To ensure our success as an organization, Lion encourages all our employees to get off the sidelines and into the game. We ask every employee to align their daily efforts with our organization’s “Blueprint for Success.”


We encourage our employees to have a balanced life. We do this by not imposing work rules that would be destructive to their personal, spiritual, or family lives. Lion believes that a balanced life is essential to a healthy and productive career and work environment.


Lion uses sustainable items when renovating units, gives back to the community through various fundraising team events selected by the employees, and provides transparent and timely reporting to all investors.